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Tomahawk Resort Ontario

Bathymetry Maps for an Area of Lake of the Woods near Tomahawk Resort

Just why are there so many great fishing spots?
To help you visualize the water depths around the Tomahawk Resort we've included some bathymetry charts of Lake of the Woods. The following map depicts the water depths for a part of Lake of the Woods near Tomahawk Resorts. Located in a wilderness vacation paradise, Tomahawk is a full-service resort with something for everyone. Whether you want to get away from it all on a fully-equipped houseboat or fish, fish, fish, these charts will help you find safe waters to boat in or those great structures, home for your favourite fish species.
Bathymetry Chart for the Area Around Tomahawk Resort
Where to go Boating
To zoom in on an area and get an even better idea of the variety of aquatic settings around
Tomahawk Resort just click on your area of interest on the map.
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